If its time to update the exterior colour of your house then I have a few tips that will help you along your way.

Tip # 1

Consider what look you really love & drive around your streets & other suburbs where you think there are some houses that will inspire you.

Tip # 2

When you find the house that has that perfect colour you are looking for, consider knocking on their door & asking if they might share their selection with you. Taking sneek images of the house will not clearly confirm the colour & could lead you totally up the wrong path when it comes to purchasing your paint. Most people are flattered that you admire their colour choice & are happy to share. They too may have struggled with this decision when they set out to make their own selections.

Tip # 3

Remember colour lightens considerably (up to at least 4 times) in daylight so you must definitely go darker. View any sample swatches you might collect from the paint store outside in natural daylight to ensure this is the depth of colour you will be happy with.

Tip # 4

Limit colours for exterior to no more than 3 unless you are painting a federation or heritage home. In this case there are no restrictions.

Tip # 5

Never highlight a down pipe. Blend them in to the existing colour on which they reside. If all else fails, consider the advice from a good colour consultant. The cost for a professional will save you making expensive mistakes.