Simple design techniques can be applied to increase the size of your existing home without costly extensions or structural alterations. There are many areas in a home that never get used and can be easily converted with a few simple techniques. It may be a formal dining room or a small awkward space or nook that could be converted and add valuable and usable space.

1. Minimize clutter and instantly create a sense of more space.

2. Smaller accessories like vases, candelabras & pillows are always a welcome change.

3. By adding a different shape, colour or texture you can revamp a room for a very small cost.

4. Scale is key to the end result.

5. When selecting and grouping items, the eye reads odd numbers such as 3, 5 or 7 as correct and pleasing to the eye.

6. Lamps create mood lighting and can solidify a space by pulling all the elements together.

7. Adding dimmer switches to your lighting plan provides the option to create a feeling of intimacy when required.

8. Correct colour selection and placement of colour can create a sense of space or alternatively create a warm & cosy environment.