Form, mass, shapes, line, colour, texture & pattern
are the 7 elements of design.

In order to create a unique living space, experienced styling advice is critical. We discuss styling elements and offer our creative ideas and professional advice. Some of these include: colour, lighting, textiles, furniture and flooring.



Many of our clients say they are nervous venturing into colour and tend to play it safe. The use of a one colour scheme which is referred to as monochromatic, can be a great way to gradually introduce splashes of colour as the mood or seasons predict.




A well-placed mirror will add light and create a sense of space. Large mirrors will provide a focal point and help to tie in other decorative elements of the room. It is important that the choice of frame compliments all the other elements rather then overpowers them.

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By coordinating all the design elements, we'll bring out the best of your home.

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Texture apart from the tactile element texture used in tonal combinations of various finishes adds the element of interest that is created in a colourful scheme.




Textiles are considered a very important element that can evoke emotional reactions. Adding various colours and textures can alter the overall look and allow us to create depth and movement.




Lighting is one of our favourite tools and can change/alter a room’s ambience and determine the use of the space. Adding softer lighting by way of lamps and dimmer switches will create a level of intimacy.