“Lynn Marley Made My House Beautiful and Saved Me Thousands in the Process” 

I hired Lynn Marley to help me renovate my home recently and it was the best decision I could have ever made.

Lynn is a renovator and home-builder’s guardian angel – taking the angst out of the countless design decisions that are required when finishing a property. In addition to having impecible but pragmatic taste, Lynn also saved me thousands of dollars in my home makeover. By introducing me directly to her trade contacts – I was able to enjoy huge savings that Lynn’s contacts make available to her. Lynn simply passed on those savings direct to me. In fact I saved so much money on all the items I purchased that Lynn’s services were totally free.

Lynn also knows all the tricks to save money through smart selections and savvy shopping. She knows where to shop and where to splurge and when you can cut-corners without harming the overall impact you wish to create. 

Plus shopping with Lynn is a total delight and a lot of fun.

Lynn’s knowledge and experience is invaluable and Lynn knows everyone you’re going to need
to get a great outcome in your renovation or build project. You cant afford not to use Lynn’s

Here is a simple example.

I just had a quote to renovate my two bathrooms. It was $45,000. Lynn introduced me to her trades and took me to builder-direct shopping outlets and I am able to get the exact same job completed for $24,000. That’s the power of having the right contacts and knowing where to shop.

So if you want a great result for your new bathroom, kitchen, home renovation or new home selections – you will get a much better result, faster and for less money if you hire Lynn to help. What’s more, you will have fun in the process. What is otherwise quite stressful becomes a joy when Lynn Marley is involved. I cannot commend her highly enough to you.


Margie Baldock