Having recently completed a makeover of aa older 70’s style home in Willeton I want to share with you some simple tips.

The brief for this home was to completely gut the property and breath new life into what was a dark 70’s brick interior home with floral brown and orange bathroom tiles. My clients wanted a look that was timeless and neutral and that would appeal to a majority should they decide to sell in next few years. As with all makeovers, it is important to start from the floor and work your way up from there. This sets the benchmark of where to go to next.

Timber floors were selected and complimented with a dark brown carpet in formal areas and bedrooms.

Working our way up from there, we kept the walls warm and added accent colours with accessories. This allows you to manipulate your scheme as the seasons come and go or as you feel you need a change.

Accessories can be used to bring in colours that you love or as trends may dictate. Whilst many would suggest using sample pots of paint on the walls as a test  patch, I prefer to select the colour away from the wall & always in daytime light which filters into the area naturally. I have witnessed many a client who have painted up to 15 sample strips on their wall and become overwhelmed and confused. These can be costly mistakes in the long run. Your home is your most valuable asset – our motto is “Get it right the first time”.