Tip 1
Limit the number of exterior colours to no more than 3. Any more than this and the overall result will disappoint. This would incorporate house/roof/gutters/fascias and trims. Other elements in your exterior scheme could be a lighter or darker value of the main 3 colours being used. Federation and Heritage homes are the exception to the rule, more on this later.

Tip 2
When selecting colours for the exterior you can safely go 4 times darker than the original paint swatch as colour will lighten 4 times in sunlight.

Tip 3
Sample pots are great to ensure your chosen colour can be viewed in sunlight before final decision. You can always alter the percentage of the paint colour to get the depth you want. View in morning, afternoon and evening light to ensure you are happy with the colour selected.

Tip 4
Consider using a lighter version of your house colour for your eaves or use a soft white rather than a stark white. These can be painted in a semi gloss finish for far easier cleaning than a mat/flat finish paint.

Tip 5
Down pipes should never be highlighted and should always be made to disappear or blend into the house colour.

Tip 6
A professional colour consultant is well worth the money…mistakes are costly and my motto has always been “Get it Right The First Time”.

Please contact me to make a booking. I would love to assist you.


Image above is of the Gold Ridge House.